photo: Peter Gieserich

Soundstreams Electronic Composer-in-Residence, 2013

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be the first SoundMakers electronic-composer-in-residence for Soundstreams in 2013. They have just created the Electronic Composer Residency, so I will be writing a new piece for piano and electronics and premiering it some time in mid-2013; we’ll know the date and location of this in the upcoming weeks.

I’m excited to explore new possibilities with the new music, and with the generous help of the people at Ableton who have supplied me with new software, I am interested to explore new dimensions of performing and composing with Ableton Live in different ways that I have used it in the past. Live digital signal processing of the piano will surely be a key working factor, as well as microtonal scales.

Part of the residency is to keep a blog/diary of the process, so far of which I have written two blog posts already. The blog will be posted on my site as well as that of Soundstreams, possibly also with sound clips and pictures to document the process. Also Soundstreams is developing an app with an interesting sounding interface, which is intended for me to use in some way, though I won’t know how until I get my hands on it.

Cheers and please visit back and also check out the SoundMakers website for news in the coming weeks, and also