John Kameel Farah & ilan katin: Live Improv at Zionskirche
Composer and pianist John Kameel Farah performs an improvisation on pipe organ and electronics, accompanied by visual artist ilan katin using Tagtool for iPad.

“Jinju Dervish” performed by John Kameel Farah, Heilig Kreuze Kirche, Berlin


“Uprising” performed by John Kameel Farah, Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin


“Improvisation #3” performed by John Kameel Farah & Attila Fias piano duo. From the album Pieces of the Earth (2011).
Animation created by J.K. Farah


Canopy & Connection: a short documentary about two Toronto public installations created by United Visual Artists. Produced by Inkblot Media.
Ambient soundtrack by John Kameel Farah


“Expanse” performed by John Kameel Farah, Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin


“Sama’i Farah”, performed @ St. Hilda’s College, Oxford


John Cage: Sonatas & Interludes for prepared piano. (Nos.14 & 15 “Gemini”)
Performed to Peggy Baker’s “Piano/Quartet” (Betty Oliphant Theatre, National Ballet School, Toronto)


Score to “Uprising” by John Kameel Farah


William Byrd: A Fancie, For My Lady Nevell, St. Clement’s Church, London


Improvisation for voice, pipe organ and electronics by Winnie Brückner & John Kameel Farah at the Zionskirche, Berlin


Improvisation from the Heilig Kreuz Kirche, Berlin, 2010


Improvisation on the Bass Piano
Performed at Flutgraben Art Studios in Kreuzberg, Berlin, 2013


Der Vogelmenschen Regenseele (The BirdMan’s Rain-Soul)
Choreographed and danced by Lars Scheibner, Mareike Franz
Music by John Farah
performed at the Morgenvogel Festival, Zionskirche, Berlin, 2012

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